TWARON Angel Hair

TWARON Angel Hair is a sound damping wadding product,
worldwide exclusively made for ELTIM audio BV.

TWARON® Angel Hair       

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It was Leo Busscher of Dutch Arnhem plant of Teijin who first experimented with some rest
material in his high-end loudspeakers. The acoustic results were remarkable already.
For a short time we sold a similar, yet cleaned product under the name  Elves Hair.
He ignited a string of events, resulting in the way more complex product we provide today.

As we sell it today, the basic TWARON Fibers are processed several times:
-  The immense number of TWARON leads are cut in 60mm pieces
- Then all these fibers are carded, mixed and carefully compressed into a mass
- At ELTIM warehouse we repack 1kg bags in smaller packages for the consumer market.

It is easy to work with, not aging, about unflamable and stays in place since it has the
permanent attitude of expanding, so it will fill the space it is given.
It is very light (you only need 3-5grams / liter volume) and soft without ANY rest material.
Behaviour of this material is so different compared to all known other materials
that you simply have to try this at least.
At the bottom of this page professional users can order a free 100g sample.
We will not respond to requests from DIY'ers any more, there are simply to many trying.

Human hair compared to TWARON Angel Hair             Chaotic structure of TWARON Angel Hair

Unlike glass- and other fibers used today, TWARON is conducting heat (due to caused vibrations)
very well and so absorbing the acoustic movement energy extremely well and
in a very different way compared to all other known materials used for this purpose,
about all just spreading the internal sounds of a speaker cabinet.

Together with the choice of the correct length of the fibers and the right way to card it to
a workable mass, the results are quite ashtonishing as noticed now by an increasing number
of professionals in the audio community.
You could compare the increase in sound quality (small details, "air" around instruments, better 3D, etc.)
as replacing standard, cheap interlinks by high-end cables. Our Angel Hair is way cheaper though.

Compared to kg price of other materials it seems expensive, but please note that you need only around 10-20% of
the weight of other materials, so comparing price/weight makes NO sense. Besides that, and even more important:
sound WILL IMPROVE dramatically, especially noticed in small signal and bass response.
Compared to prices of better wiring, equipment, absorbers, etc. it is even cheap regarding improvent of sound.
Check out this review by 6Moons, testing our own SOLO speaker, using 25g of Angel Hair.

You still believe it's expensive? Buy a kg with your friends and fill around 200-300 liters with it. 10 cabinets?
Unfortunatelly, due to the high volume and carefull transport, this transport makes around 70% of the final costs.

Many like to see the frequency/damping behaviour as shown below, which is unlike all other known materials and
working over the full audio band and easy to adjust by filling the box with the right amount of TWARON Angel Hair.

Filling diagrams top down: 20, 10, 5, 2.5 grams/liter (log scale)            Measurements: TITK Institute

Filling diagrams top down: 20, 10, 5, 2.5 grams/liter (lin scale <1000Hz)    Measurements: TITK Institute

Unlike other materials the damping characteristics are about linear from 700Hz up. As the graphs show,
use in loudspeaker systems an amount of 3-10 grams/liter volume appears to be a usefull amount,
depending on the used frequency range and size/type of loudspeaker.
You do NOT need to fill large loudspeakers and basreflex speakers completely; doing so would acoustically
"kill" your precious loudspeaker system. In these cases we advise to fill just the space behind the woofer.
Also, replacing BAF filling in excisting speakers by TWARON Angel Hair, mostly causes an increase of Musical Emotion.
Actually, while filling with more than 20g/liter, all sound seems to come from the acoustic centre of the drivers.....
So, use as less as possible and find the right balance.
What is hardly to present in graphs is where it actually is all about:
In loudspeaker systems you will notice the increase of small signal response, like room reflections
of the recording area and other small sounds like instrument mechanical sounds immediatelly.
Also, the "speed" and 3D representation of the system will increase as you will
find acknowledged by some reviewers by now. You are simply more "there".
Since there is a lot less rubble fired from the back through the cone, bass response will bring you a smile.
Don't believe it?  Check YouTube films made by Fritz de With of STS Digital.
Youtube1     Youtube 2       where he modifies a pair of Wilson Watt Puppies.
We can't explain why you can hear the difference in sound even while watching
these films while using reasonable sounding PC speakers, but you simply do, check it out.

Besides damping loudspeakers in an efficient and quality increasing way, filling absorbtion panels
or sound traps with even more TWARON Angel Hair, will cause an absorbtion of a certain mid/high
range of room reflections as shown in the graphs below.
A filling of >20 grams/liter will cause a 100% damping of a certain high frequency range while leaving
the stuffed panel on the other side. The more you fill, the less low frequencies will be damped due to
the fact that the TWARON Angel Hair filling becomes more dense and so restricted in moving.
A maximum is achieved with 150 grams/liter where the material gets so dense that it shows a steep
absorbtion characteristic, where voice/instrumental range and harmonics are damped at maximum and
bass is left unaffected. This could be an ideal solution for sound improvement of very "empty" or "small"
sounding rooms (f.e. small stages) where voices and fine instruments need to be reproduced.

Filling diagrams top down: 20, 40, 80, 150 grams/liter (log scale)          Measurements: TITK Institute

Filling diagrams top down: 20, 40, 80, 150 grams/liter (lin scale <1000Hz) Measurements: TITK Institute

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TWARON Angel Hair, FREE SAMPLE for professionals only !

TWARON Angel Hair, FREE SAMPLE for professionals only !

Recommended use 3-10 grams/liter in sealed enclosures. In BR ssytems just fill behind the woofer.

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