17 August 2017

TWARON Angel Hair production delay
At Teijin Aramid, we had an audiophile contact taking care of production of several 100's kilo's ORIGINAL Angel Hair per year. Since he left this company, production became more and more problematic and we tried to solve that. In the end we received following message last week:

Die Produktion von Angel Hair wurde eingestellt, nachdem Herr Dr. Schmitt das Unternehmen verlassen hat.
Wir sind weiterhin an Spezialprodukten interessiert, aber sie müssen das Potenzial haben, in industriellen Größenordnungen von einigen hundert Tonnen pro Jahr absetzbar zu sein.

In English and short: we need to order several hundreds of tonns/year for starting production again.
Since a 12 meter container only fits around 500kg, you will understand that ordering amounts like this is simply impossible, even if everybody involved in the audio business is using it in all the products manufactured. And then, where to store this huge amount? We could only store around 1500-2000kg in our warehouse.
In a final attempt to get reasonable volumes, we found another contact inside Teijin working with small order (hundreds of KILO's/year...) customers. We hope for better news soon.

WARNING: Counterfeited products
In the meantime, serveral companies (even with name and fame) try to sell you an inferiour product, not at all processed as our TWARON Angel Hair and even more expensive. A product coming most closest is made of just bundles of Twaron hairs, some are even other material, but yellow to fool you, so beware!
They all refer to OUR special website you are on now. With NON cut, NON carded, NON cleaned, sometimes NON Twaron, NON self expanding, etc., they hardly perform as our original (since 2008) Angel Hair does, so with our figures they mislead you!
Our former, (so far) regarded and respected German distributor now even spreads a document where OUR texts, OUR pictures and OUR graphs as shown on the website you are on now (© ELTIM) in an attempt to fool you, in the meantime breaching our copyrights. "Funny" thing is that this company doesn't like at all that others copy their stuff and copyrighted items. I would be ashamed of myself.
At this moment about NOBODY has any of our (since 2008) original and only TWARON Angel Hair in stock any more!

ELTIM audio BV
Louis Timmers , CEO

Only our original Angel Hair packages carry our ELTIM logo and look like this:
100 gramms package